Thursday, October 7, 2010

File Under WTF...

 Because that "new baby smell is so harsh!

Baby Cologne

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get off my lawn!

Thanks MTV for turning me into an old man. I just spent the last night on my couch asking "who are these people?" and "what is going on?" I know I'm out of touch with the kids today, but the current on air "talent" Music Television employees doesn't have it's finger on the pulse of the current state of vaudeville, much less the future of music. Do I really need to hear the cast of Jackass's opinion of Lady GaGa? Or if Ke$ha is into Justin Beiber? Can I just listen to an artist talk about themselves or their own albums? Is it possible to ask a question and then wait for an answer before jumping in with your own observation about Kanye's crazy antics? I know it feeds into their own sense of self entitlement and ego worship, and God forbid you have 2 seconds of dead air, but at least we could fool ourselves into thinking we're actually getting an insight into the creative process. The only thing interesting to come out of MTV lately has been The Jersey Shore, where the cast appears to inhabit a microcosmic universe where only they exist. Outside stimuli seems to disrupt their orbit just long enough to let them catch their breath between fighting, or fucking, with one another. I can't really call it educational, but I think I can earn a degree in Anthropology from the University of Phoenix if I catch the whole season.

The saddest thing is that I continue to watch this shit year after year hoping it will change. I already gave up on the Twilight wins every award show. And oddly enough, I'm not really that much into music. But with the MVAs there's always the fleeting chance of seeing an artist honestly create a moving performance that keeps drawing me in.

That said, NOTHING has topped this and it's getting to the point where I think nothing ever will:

The only thing funnier than an Abraham Lincoln refference...

If this wasn't staged like an episode of Good Times and so damn informative, I might be offended.  But the fact that I'm offered such a great plethora of historical information, I can over look that.

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The World's Greatest Party Bot

When Robotics and the Rube Goldbergian conceits collide.  The Bit 52's are apparently the first American Band to be outsourced by such manners.  Unsurprisingly, by a Canadian (YouTube user bd594)!  Sadly, most B-52 fans seemed unable to notice any differences between the vocalists for the Bit 52's and Fred Schneider.

[via bOING bOING via Dangerous Minds]